SWuccess through Impact by Martin Brooks

About Martin

Martin has always been interested in how successful communicators achieve their results. To build his understanding of how to create the best possible impact, he has studied both the theory and practical application of impact. Whenever Martin witnesses great communication in action he immediately wonders “why” it is great, what behaviours contributed to the impact made and how can these be used in everyday communication?  

Martin’s continual research has helped him understand the tools of successful communication. Throughout his 24 year career in sales, management and training, he has utilised and refined these techniques to make them the fundamental building blocks of his own success and now the content of the book, Success through Impact.

Success through Impact is not a theoretical book by someone who is purely an academic. Since 2002, Martin has run his own management training business, focusing on top-level communication skills. Martin has run courses on; Personal Impact, Presentation, Negotiation, Influencing, Selling and Leadership skills. Observing and giving feedback to thousands of delegates has given Martin a comprehensive opportunity to test, re-test and refine the skills and techniques in this book.

Martin uses this cumulative experience to create incredible impact every day with; senior managers he is coaching, delegates he is training, or conference audiences he is inspiring. He is able to “walk his talk” in the most difficult of environments.

Martin’s own impact skills have made him a very successful trainer - not only in the business world, but also in executive education. He has run training courses at some of the world’s top business schools and has been a Course Director at the Chartered Institute of Marketing since 2009. Martin’s own impact skills mean he is an in-demand international trainer who has worked all over the world including; The USA, South Africa, Dubai, India, Thailand, Russia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia and Europe - as well as in the UK where he is based.

Martin has collated his research, learning and observations in this book. They have been distilled to their essential essence by someone who has spent an entire career striving to create greater success through top-level impact skills - an Impacttologist.

Go to www.theimpacttologist.com to see how Martin’s training, coaching and conference speaking services can help you, your team or company create greater, Success through Impact.